NetGhost – automatic IP configurator for WLANs

A small Windows tool, which set your IP configuration by the SSID of the connected WLAN. After the settings are stored, you need 0 clicks to change your IP.

  • tiny footprint ~ 40 KB
  • change IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server
  • portable
  • change IP settings with zero user interaction
  • x64 und x86 builds available

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Update WPS Crack Gui V1.1.8

Graphical interface to the network cracking WPS Reaver.


  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) WPS encryption cracking.
  • Advanced Attack with Generic Dictionary.
  • Advanced Dictionary Attack with Enhanced.
  • Updated Assisted Reaver-WPS.
  • Database with PINs.
  • Change MAC Address.
  • Supported in Gt and Gtk.
  • Scan networks.

Platform :  unix/Linux

language  :  Spanish

Download Latest Version :  WPSCrackGUI v1.1.8 (128.1 kB)

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Xiwtool is a wireless network scanning and configuration tool for Linux desktops.

Xiwtool is a graphical Wireless Access Point scanning and configuration tool. The program is written in C and works closely with the Linux wireless driver and uses Xlib to create its windows and controls, so it is compatible with all systems that have a Linux desktop and a wireless card that Linux supports.

With a wireless driver installed, xiwtool can scan and view statistics for nearby WAPs. Additionally, with many of Linux’s networking and wireless tools, you can also connect to open or authenticated networks. Xiwtool also checks your your machine and notifies you if the system needs any drivers or networking tools to connect to nearby WAPs, and the documentation describes many other configuration options.

Downlaod :   xiwtool-0.04.tar.gz (390 KB)
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